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Thursday, March 16, 2017


Sarah Belle


  1. last week
    20 Jun, 2017
    last week
    Hi Everyone, Well the last 10 days were busy. Cristin and Ella returned home to Malta on Wednesday morning. My friend and colleague came by for a visit  that afternoon. I had another visitor from Malta (Russ) who dropped by as he was in town for the Vestibular Rehabilitation class.  I am sad to be missing these classes, I was registered and they are something I have wanted to do for a long time.  I have such low energy, as well as difficulty with converting short term to long term memory at
  2. Paul's birthday
    10 Jun, 2017
    Paul's birthday
    Last year Paul turned 40 and I surprised him with a weekend trip to Vienna. It was amazing and we had a lovely time walking around and marveling at the architecture. I had also learned from my neurology professor that the university at Vienna is home to the largest collection of syphilitic specimens in the world, so of course being the nerds that we are we had to check that out.  This year, there was a hockey tournament scheduled in Delft in the afternoon, and Paul really wanted to play.  He
  3. Nicole
    03 Jun, 2017
    My best friend from university came to visit on Tuesday, 30 May! She is staying a week and I am super excited because I have been feeling better. We walked around with the puppy more, so I am slowly building up my physical condition.  Her first day, we walked around my neighborhood a bit, went to a couple shops, and worked on puppy training. To put it in perspective: Paul came home from work and asked what we did that day, to which Nicole responded "not much" at the same time I said "I did so
  4. Maisie our puppy
    29 May, 2017
    Maisie our puppy
    So today we really did it! I am feeling a bit more physical energy, not good enough to work but better to the point that I am getting bored at home! Paul had a hockey tournament this morning, and after we drove to a farm in Frieseland and got a puppy. We have been wanting a dog for years, but neither of us was home enough to take care of a puppy. I have been searching and looking at puppies pictures online for the last month, and since we couldn't find a younger dog at the shelter, we decided to
  5. 28 May, 2017
    enjoying the sunshine
    Hi everyone,  If you are in Holland, I hope you have been enjoying this amazing weather like me! Paul and I have been working on making a raised bed garden so that we can grow some of our own food.  When I say we, I sit outside and help a bit, and Paul does all of the manual labor. I feel useless sometimes, as I would love to help and get my hands dirty, but its just too tiring for me at this time. I am helping where I can, sitting in a chair and getting some seeds planted is my part of the
  6. 24 May, 2017
    day to day
    Hi guys, I wanted to update you on my current treatment regime: Home therapy program Sono-dynamic therapy: I take medication weekly, and do the therapy 1-2x per day for 25 minutes Ozone therapy: we have home machine: 1-2x daily 15 minutes Heat therapy/hyperthermia: we have a full body far infrared sauna dome- I use this 3x per week for about 1 hour. I try to increase my body temp about 2 degrees each time Near Infared light: this is detoxifying and feels good, I lay under it several times a
  7. visitors
    18 May, 2017
    Hi All, Upon returning form Mexico, the first week was very difficult with the worst jet lag I have ever experienced. The second week I was experiencing mild depression- staying in bed, not wanting to leave the house or see anyone or take to anyone.  I was laying in bed, and thinking that if I don't have that much time left, this is certainly not how I want to spend it.  So I pulled myself out of the hole, and really focused on changing my mental perspective.  I was feeling alone and isolated
  8. anyone reading this?
    15 May, 2017
    anyone reading this?
    Hi everyone, Sorry for our lack of blogging lately. No one really reacts or writes comments, so it is hard for us to tell if people are actually reading the blog or not.  We were under the impression that people were not reading it, however when we stopped writing we got many texts and emails asking if we are OK, so I guess that means you do read it!  Paul has returned to work on his normal schedule, and he is finishing up school before summer vacation.  This, as well as taking care of me and
  9. 27 Apr, 2017
    Back home in the land of tulips and windmills
    On Friday afternoon, we departed from H4C and headed across the border towards San Diego. We crossed into the US without any problems.  Our driver took us to the US medical department for H4C so we could pick up the home program, which consists of the following: ultrasound machine, 1 year supply of SP activate (sensitizer for ultrasound), year supply of green drinks, year supply of immune support, year supply of coffe, several months of amygdalin and vitamin C, and the RigVir.  The home program