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Hey Everyone!

I wish I could speak with you all individually but I must focus on my health first so this is the simpliest & easiest way to keep all my friends, family, patients and followers updated with my journey. 

I am a private person, so sharing this is quite difficult but I feel that I must for several reasons. Firstly, it is too difficult to keep everyone updated all the time, especially with time and distance between us. Also, more people who know mean more good vibes, thoughts, prayers and positive energy, coming in my way and I could use that right now. And, as you start sharing and reaching out, the right people have a way of coming into your life.

So, thank you for taking the time to read this, because it means you care and for that I am grateful. Here is a bit of my journey...
What's coming up next:

I reached out to every alternative and integrative medicine doctor I knew and the advice was the same: order a chemosensitivity test before starting chemotherapy. I found a German MD/ND who ordered these this test for me, the test takes about 3 weeks and results should be in any day now. 

During this waiting period, I have been doing treatment in German 2x per week with local hyperthermia and vitamin infusions of natural anti-cancer substances including Vitamin C, quercetin, and curcuma. I have also been continuing my search far and wide for the next step in treatment if I chose to follow the non-conventional path. 

I have had some great contacts and conversations with German and Mexican cancer facilities whom both recommend doing the chemotherapy, as my tumor is so large it necessitates aggressive action and non-conventional therapies are too slow. They suggest to do insulin potentiated chemotherapy (IPT) which uses a much lower dosage and is more targeted to the cancer cells. IPT will be combined with hyperthermia, hyperbaric oxygen, and most importantly photodynamic and sonodynamic therapies (PDT/SDT) which uses light and sound waves to destroy cancer cells. In my case, as the tumor is deeper the sound waves will be able to penetrate more deeply.
These therapies are supported in the scientific literature.

Hyperthermia is done routinely in various countries around the world. IPT has been used for decades safely and effectively. PDT has been around for decades as a treatment to skin cancer, and its cousin SDT is being hailed as a great modality for solid tumors that are deeper within the body.

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